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What is Reiki?

Reiki is a non-invasive healing modality that can be used to heal the root cause of symptoms for all ailments* as well as balance chakras and cleanse the aura while reducing pain and discomfort on all levels. Receivers of Reiki are given a “boost” in spiritual growth. 

Emotional/mental healing can be attained as well through affirmations and power symbols used by an advanced level practitioner. 

Reiki, much like Tai Chi, is a vehicle for Universal Energy to gently enter the body and intuitively be applied where needed for holistic well-being. 

*In Western medicine, symptoms are often treated without acknowledging the root of the ailment. In Reiki, healing (which is the alleviation of pain and dis-ease) involves sending energy to the source of the ailment - not necessarily curing, though both healing and curing (in the Western sense) occurs in some cases. 


Why Get a Reiki Healing?

-Alleviate Pain and Discomfort 

-Release Energy Blocks

-Receive Emotional or Mental Healing

-Spiritual Acceleration 

-Relax and Reduce Stress

-Feel Balanced and Rejuvenated 

-Balance Your Energy 

-Help in Overcoming Stressful Life Situations through Affirmations

Disclaimer: Jaimie Elorriaga is not a licensed physician or psychologist. Reiki is a tool for personal transformation and is not used to or for diagnosis, treatment or prescription for health problems of any kind.  While Reiki and energy blancing methods can be very effective, they do not take place of appropriate medical care or psychological counseling. If there is a need, you should seek proessional medical/psychological assistance.

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