Orgonite is a powerful combination of crystals and metals compressed in resin to create a calming and grounding metaphysical tool to bring balance to your energy body. It is a protective compound against electromagnetic pollution from electronics, interent routers, chemicals and toxins in the air and environments. It can also magnify and manifest energy to and/or from it. These gem shaped pyramids contains rainbow moonstone, rose quartz, kunzite, citrine, shungite, amethyst, aluminium, brass, and copper. Perfect for carrying in your pocket, keeping in your car or by your computer. Listing is for one orgonite gem, choice of Silver Linings or Heart & Crown. All crystals and metaphysical tools that stay with us are energetically purified and Reiki infused with infinite blessings before moving on to their next home so they arrive ready to connect with you.

Orgonite Protection Gem