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Selenite Wands are the number one stone I recommend to anyone wanting to work with crystals for themselves but especially for working with animals. Selenite calls in our angelic supports while calming and cleansing the aura. Envision it like a comb and literally brush out the auric field (your energy body that radiates about 12-18" outside of the physical body) like you are brushing hair. It's incredible relaxing and most animals are instantly attracted to or open to receivig selenite energy. It is a wonderful stone to support the skeletal structure and spine, epileptic challenges and bringing a youthful "angelic glow" to the skin. It is also a stone of protection- I keep a piece in every window of my home as an angelic security stystem. Listing is for one intuitively chosen wand approx 3-3.5" in length. All crystals that stay with us are energetically purified and Reiki infused with infinite blessings before moving on to their next home so they arrive ready to connect with you.

Mini Selenite Wand

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