The Earth Angel Mug is one of a kind, high fire stonewear made from rich Jamaican Black clay. This lidded mug was created to symbolize the earth angels walking among us. A simple textured mug with a handcarved antler handle has cleansing blue waves of swirling glazes spilling over the edge, createing energy and movement, release and cleansing. The lid for this piece is combines textures and colors of both earth and etheric vibes. The lid is glazed with iridescent rainbows and topped with a little nest of fluffy clouds holding a rose quartz angel of love. The angel has been infused with Reiki and sealed into this piece with selenite crystal stardust for aura cleansing, angel protection and communication. An angel winged golden heart center on the inside serves as a reminder that even though we cant always see them, our angels are always with us. Perfect for everyday use as well as meditations and sacred tea ceremonies!

Earth Angel Mug

  • Hand wash only.