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Here is the fun part (well, it's all super fun) and a little peek into how my mind works. This is my trinity of modalities that when combined, allow for individual and unified amplification of their power and potential to bring your physical, spiritual, emotional and mental bodies into a state of alignment, harmony and health. The more open we can be to all possibilities, the more space we create for Source to fill with an abundance of gifts.  


Reiki is a non-invasive form of energy healing energy  that draws in Source energy (you may refer to it as prana, chi, universal life force or something else) that raises you to a higher level of balance and alignment. Because it is pure, Reiki can never enhance negative energies and can only be used to promote our highest good. I function as the channel or conduit that draws the energy in, amplifies it, and directs it into you for self healing, restoration and rejuvenation. The concept behind how it works is very similar to radio waves. They exist all the time, all around us but we can not always hear them unless we have a radio (the conduit) to convert the waves into music that our minds recognize. I am your radio so let's get this energy party started and the good vibes flowing... 


Crystal healing is a vibrational medicine that is deeply soothing, nurturing, rejuvenating and healing. Crystals are the children of Mother Earth that we have been given the honor of sharing energy and working with. All crystals have a specific vibration that resonates with different beneficial physical, emotional and spiritual properties. We also have our own individual vibrations. By working with crystals we encourage our vibrations to raise closer to that of the crystals, much like the pendulum of two clocks will align over time. As our vibration gets in sync with the perfect vibration of the crystals, the upward shifts start to happen. 


If you are a distant client, please schedule your time when you will not be disturbed and can find a quiet, comfortable place that you can sit or lay down for the duration of the session. We will go over any specific areas of physical or emotional challenges that you would like to focus on but know that in every session, Reiki energy automatically goes where and when it is needed.  At the beginning of each session we will center, call in our guides and supports and shift into a relaxed state. Some common experiences during a session are hot or cold sensations, tingling, hearing sounds, seeing colors or other visions in your mind's eye, strong emotional feeling, an urge to cry, falling asleep or nothing at all. Each person will have a unique experience and often have different sensations during different sessions. After each session you should drink plenty of water, just as you would for a massage or acupuncture session as blocks are opening up and the flow of energy is increasing. The recipient may notice subtle  or dramatic changes over the next few days after a session that can be of a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual nature. After the session we will have a follow up discussion to share any messages that came through or experiences you wish to talk about.

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